dating agency sofia

“Еneada” is an Agency for serious acquaintances in Sofia, established with the purpose of responding to the public necessity for аn agent between the people who are looking for a partner.

To the attention of all at the age of 18 up to 181

To the attention of all who miss friendly mainstay, exceptional love, family happiness

If you would like to find your happiness, your out-and-out friendship, your perfect partner, we shall help you.

Because we believe that:

Those parts of thee that the world’s eye doth view
Want nothing that the thought of hearts can mend;
All tongues, the voice of souls, give thee that due,
Uttering bare truth, even so as foes commend.

/William Shakespeare/

We shall try to ensure your fatal date. We offer at your disposal discretion, competence, professionalism, personalized choice and purposeful selection. We help you to optimize your choice, to enlarge your social circle, to find the real blessing in human relations …

The rest is up to you …

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