Which star signs are incompatible?

July 15, 2018|0 Comments

Incompatible star signs? Yes, there are such ones! Which are these star signs? Just read below. FOR ARIES: TAURUS The most incompatible star sign for Aries is Taurus. Taurus is able to upset his balance and to make him show his worst features. He just makes him crazy! FOR TAURUS: SAGITTARIUS The most damaging star sign for Taurus is Sagittarius. Why? Because through his usual recklessness he makes him forget his prudence, and that can be a disaster for the Taurus. FOR GEMINI: AQUARIUS Since these are the most carefree and light-hearted star signs, when they are together, everything is spinning out of control. Gemini gets bored easily, and that exasperates the [...]

How to spend an unforgettable holiday period with your loved one?

May 7, 2018|0 Comments

A holiday period! You have been waiting for it for ages! At last you can have a well-deserved rest! However, after the initial euphoria the question arises as to what actually one can do during this holiday period with his/her loved one. Here are some ideas for spending an unforgettable holiday period with your loved one. Why don’t you exchange presents? There is nothing more pleasurable than a big smile that lights up the face of your loved one when he/she opens your perfect present. Snuggle together in the bed and stay there till you find comfort. Prepare two cups of cacao and choose an appropriate film that you both have wanted to [...]

Is the age of our partner important?

March 30, 2018|0 Comments

It is not easy to sum up the expectations of the people, who are not in a relationship, regarding the perfect age of their partner. However, in this article I will try to place emphasis on some tendencies which I have noticed for ten years within my social environment. Most women under thirty, who are not in a relationship, tend to favour men who are up to 10 years older than them. The reason? The popular assumption is that such women subconsciously look for a "father figure". They are attracted to men who have carved out a career and who are steady as a rock financially. Such men draw their [...]

Advice to the ladies regarding dating

March 3, 2018|0 Comments

Dear ladies, please have in mind that: 1. Sometimes men can take you out on a date not in the fancy restaurant from your dreams, but in a regular bar. 2. It is strongly unadvisable to mention whatever about your ex during the date. This might imply that you are not ready for a new relationship. 3. Sometimes you will make a good impression if at the end of the evening you offer to pay half of the bill amount. However, only in some cases! For some men this means that you value the time you spend with them. 4. The food you eat during a date speaks volumes about [...]

When it is advisable to put an end to your relationship?

February 22, 2018|0 Comments

1. You feel comfortable during the routine that you established with your partner but you are not as excited and enthusiastic as you were at the beginning. This comfort often stops you facing yourself regarding how you really feel about the presence of this person in your life. 2. The most important reason for you to be with this person is his/her great family and/or friends. It is not appropriate to keep this relationship mainly because of the pleasure you get when you communicate with the social circle of your partner. 3. You never argue about things which are really important. If your partner strives to agree with you as [...]