A holiday period! You have been waiting for it for ages! At last you can have a well-deserved rest!

However, after the initial euphoria the question arises as to what actually one can do during this holiday period with his/her loved one.

Here are some ideas for spending an unforgettable holiday period with your loved one.

  1. Why don’t you exchange presents? There is nothing more pleasurable than a big smile that lights up the face of your loved one when he/she opens your perfect present.
  2. Snuggle together in the bed and stay there till you find comfort.
  3. Prepare two cups of cacao and choose an appropriate film that you both have wanted to watch for a long time but so far you haven’t had enough time.
  4. Go to a “shopping therapy”! Go round to see your favourite shops! It is not obligatory to buy whatever. You can just do window shopping.
  5. Make an arrangement with your friends and go to the cinema with them! After the cinema you can have dinner in a restaurant!
  6. Check the weather forecast! If the weather is warm and sunny, you can go on a picnic.

It is not compulsory what you do to be both pleasant and beneficial. It could be only pleasant or only beneficial! Luxuriate in a well-deserved rest! That is all that counts! And don’t forget to keep on smiling!